"The ComEd Four," Mike Madigan, and enabler State Rep. Dan Didech

In light of former Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan indictment on on bribery and racketeering charges last year, and a recent guilty verdict for his alleged cronies, "The ComEd Four," it is important to remember how this scheme was made possible by enablers in the state legislature who voted to preserve Madigan's power as House Speaker - despite his well known improprieties.

One local enabler, State Representative Dan Didech (pictured above), cast his first vote (see the record below) as a freshman lawmaker in 2019 to install Madigan as speaker for a record time. (Political committees controlled by Madigan funneled tens of thousands of dollars to Didech in his primary and general elections).

Didech voted this way despite Illinois' dire financial position and another member of his caucus, freshman State Representative Anne Stava-Murray voting "present" in light of Madigan's reckless mismanagement of sexual harassment allegations within his Democratic Party.

While Didech has much to say now about his opposition to supporting Madigan for another term as Speaker in 2021, he cannot ignore the receipts.

His posturing only came to a head when it became politically untenable to maintain public support for Speaker Madigan.

Until that point, he was perfectly fine accepting Madigan controlled financial support and carrying the party line. 

Even worse, despite having the benefit of hindsight, Didech has voiced his opposition to ethics reform packages proposed to introduce stiff penalties on indicted politicians. 

Didech is up for re-election in 2024.



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