Rep. Didech sponsors exotic dancing show for 5 year olds

State Representative Dan Didech is a Democrat and represents Illinois' 59th district, a district that is dominated by Vernon Township residents. Representative Didech has long demonstrated a track record of window dressing on concerns related to corruption in government, the tax burden faced by Vernon Township residents (created an $80k arts and crafts director position when he was the Supervisor), and public safety and has prioritized a brutally ideological agenda on abortion and the Second Amendment.

A troubling Facebook post confirms that Representative Didech continues to use his platform to support his advocacy on the ideological fringe, this time focused on efforts to breakdown any sense of decency in our community with regard to children and their sexualization.

The post, screen grabbed below, documents Didech's sponsorship of a "National Coming Out Day Celebration" organized by BG Pride, with photos from the event which appears to have featured exotic dance performances for the viewing of audiences as young as 5 years old.

BG pride's flyer for the event is below. Special ticket levels for children between the ages of 5-11 were available, presumably to incentivize their attendance. An additional ticket level for "adults" was set for children as young as 12 years old.


The Vernon Township Republicans believe that it is inappropriate to solicit children to attend exotic dance performances of any kind, including any euphemistically referenced as "family friendly drag shows."

Sponsoring the organizing entity, and the event itself, demonstrates that Rep. Didech either condones that type of behavior or is perfectly okay with putting blinders on to appease a fringe ideological activists committed to destroying family values in our community.





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