The 2023/2024 Election Cycle

What positions will be on the ballot in 2024?

  • US President
  • US House of Congress
  • General Assembly - State House
  • Lake County State's Attorney
  • Lake County Coroner
  • Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court
  • Lake County Board District 18

What is the 2024 electoral calendar?

The below represents a chronological outline of the 2023-2024 election cycle. Dates for the events below will be added when they are made public. More on this calendar can be found on the Illinois State Board of Election website here.

  • Candidates begin filing petitions
  • Candidate deadline to file petitions to appear on the ballot
  • Candidate filing review period and primary ballot certification
  • March 19th, 2024 - Primary Election
  • Illinois Republican Party Convention
  • July 15th, 2024 - Republican National Convention in Milwaukee
  • November 5th, 2024 - General election in November 2024 & general election result certification

How do I know what districts I live in?

You can reference Vernon Townships congressional, state legislative, and county board maps below or visit

How can I be a delegate to the Illinois Republican Party convention?

Details to come soon.

Why should I consider becoming a permanent vote by mail voter?

So that the candidates that share your values can count on you receiving a ballot and they can follow up with you to make sure you have voted. Remember, only 13% of Lake County voters voted in the 2023 Consolidated General Election. 

How secure are our elections and does my vote count?

The Vernon Township Republicans is responsible for recruiting election attorneys, voter registrars, poll watchers, election judges, and electioneers who all have a role in monitoring our electoral process and ensuring a fair election.

While election fraud does happen, we can only find a remedy if it is proven. (When it is, it can have results like this.)

Whether or not you believe President Trump's claims that the 2020 election was  stolen from him, he was not able to successfully advance his claims in court. 

To avoid a similar result, our organization is committed to putting the necessary election integrity infrastructure in place across Vernon Township so that we properly identify, document, and report any issue - if and when they happen.

As you can see, the Vernon Township Republicans has a small but important part to play, and we depend on our fellow Republican organizations across Illinois and the whole country to step up and fill this important role.

It is also important to remember that even the Illinois Democratic Party has stated that Illinois isn't a "blue" state, but that their electoral success is due to outworking Illinois Republicans. We need to work harder and more importantly, we need to work smarter, and that includes taking advantage of get out to vote techniques that the Democrats have pioneered.