VTRO Serves the 45,315 residents in 9+ communities across Vernon Township through...

  • providing the community with compelling content and programming, finding gaps in service, and creating real value
  • surveying voters in Vernon Township to understand their hopes and desires and explain how Republicans can create an environment to help deliver these outcomes

VTRO Stewards the Republican voters of Vernon Township by...

  • Connecting Republicans with candidate resources and opportunities
  • Providing general updates and other information to party activists, donors, and patrons
  • Helping prospective volunteers and donors prioritize their involvement
  • Identifying, Empowering, and Mobilizing Republicans across the townships to
    • Registering to vote
    • Access Resources to vote in person early or by mail
  • Recruiting GOP candidates and support with ballot access
  • Providing a positive social environment and community building opportunities

VTRO fulfills a mandate from Illinois’ Constitution to...

  • Vote for County Party Chairman
  • Vote to fill candidate vacancies