Membership Drive

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Goal: $12,500.00 Pledged

Why Join?

Your membership subscription to the Vernon Township Republicans supports our work to win elections that impact your safety, what your kids are learning in school, and your taxes. 

What are the Membership Benefits?

Access to members only events, programming, and community:

Speaker Series: 6 topical speakers, at least 4 in person with food and beverages provided. This year's speaker's series is expected to include Wirepoint's Ted Dabrowski, Illinois Policy Institute's Austin Berg, former Chicago Tribune Editorial Board member Kristen McQueary, Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party Don Tracy, and additional speakers to be announced soon

Movie Screenings: 2023's lineup includes group screenings of Local 1The Hong Konger, and Hoaxed

Book Club: A new addition to our membership program, members will receive copies of two books and have the chance to join the discussion with other members. The first book we will discuss will be The Blueprint: How Democrats Won Colorado (And Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care) by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer and the second will be Parents of the World, Unite! (How to Save Our Schools from the Left's Radical Agenda) by Ian Prior

Vernon Township Republicans Mug

Take that first sip in the morning knowing you are supporting the Right cause

Monthly Newsletter

Carefully curated content that hits your inbox on the first Monday of the month so that you: 1) know about important happenings with the Illinois and Lake County Republican parties, 2) learn more about what is going on with county and township government, and 3) are more aware of volunteer opportunities to support local causes and candidates

Membership Cost

An annual contribution of $249 ($51 discount) or $25 a month ($300 annual).

Safer streets, better schools, and lower taxes for less than a large deep dish pizza each month. Be healthy, become a member!

Where Does Your Membership Go?

The Vernon Township Republicans are charged with representing the Republican Party in the 9 different communities that make up Vernon Township and the over 45,000 registered voters that call it home.

In addition to vetting and recruiting candidates, our organization is responsible for maximizing Republican turnout in Vernon Township to improve the chances that Republicans win vital statewide, congressional, state legislative, and county races while candidates that share our values are elected to the school board and other positions in municipal government.

In support of these efforts, our Precinct Committeemen go door to door to contact the over 8,500 identified Republicans in Vernon Township. Our organization sends mailers (like the one below) and digital ads to thousands of prospective supporters across the township to drive victory.


We also host events for Republican candidates looking for ways to introduce themselves to these residents and share resources from their campaigns (including literature and yard signs) to prospective supporters.

Your membership dues go toward making sure the Vernon Township Republicans have the resources required to support these efforts, including access to the data and technology infrastructure that brings all of these tactics and strategies together.

A copy of our strategic plan is available online at where you can learn more about our leadership team, our mission, vision, and values, and our multi-year approach to build an "always on" grassroots conservative machine in Vernon Township.

Where Can You Join?

Our membership program is brand new, and we are first gathering pledges for members of the community so that we can gather feedback about the program's outline before we officially launch in May. Make your pledge to join the membership program below. Thank you for your support and your stewardship of this amazing community.

Join our membership program below! Pledging $250 indicates you want to join up front, while pledging $300 indicates you'd like to join by donating $25 each month throughout the year.

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